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Moonstorming Project Blog_ Hi there! We are Pete and Omid—two twenty-something year old friends who met over 5 years ago in Dublin, Ireland when we both first joined Google. Fast forward to today, we are still best mates and continue to work for Google but live across the globe from one another. Pete is based in London helping brands across Europe innovate their branding strategies using the web whilst Omid is based in San Francisco initiating and growing cloud computer partnerships across Latin America. We created this blog for two main reasons. First, to push each other to grow beyond our individual creative limitations and second to genuinely connect and learn with all you like-minded people. The intention of this blog isn’t for us to talk at you, rather, it’s to create a social engagement project to allow us to talk with you. We hope you all leave comments, tweets, instagram mentions and everything in between so we can all learn and grow together. We are both extremely fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible amount of resources, audacious ideas, and ridiculously smart people. And after 10+ combined years of experiencing what often times feels like a dream, we feel compelled to share our personal insights, stories and learnings with the world. One of the key principles we learned at Google is called “Moonshot Thinking” which is all about having a healthy disregard for the impossible. It’s about showing courage by choosing to be bothered by seemingly impossible ideas (or challenges) and taking big risks to achieve things others have yet to achieve. We love this. And we want to use this audacious, unconventional Moonshot Thinking behaviour to brainstorm our thoughts on personal, professional or interesting topics we feel passionate about. Introducing moonstorming. With this blog at the intersection of life, technology, creativity, and the future, we hope to provide the basis for you to moonstorm more. To think more progressively about your life. To change your perspective or attitude for the better. To help you make a difference. Welcome to #MNSTRMNG!

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